William Elmes

Most of his caricature relate to the wars against the French. The majority being published by Tegg.
Although most of his limited output was in a two year period, starting in late 1811. His story style and interesting images make his prints very collectable

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Elmes. THE GAY LOTHARIO. the Great and Celebrated Amateur of Fashion.
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Published – March 6th 1813 by Thos Tegg. No.111 Cheapside.
13½ x 9½. Original colour and with reasonable margins. However – there is some crinkling of the paper and there is a tear at the top, which goes one inch into the word bubble and there is staining outside the image from an old mount. 
Coates on the stage is declaiming Lothario’s speech when he is dying. The people in the box are all applauding.
B. M. 12128.

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Thos. Tegg No 111 Cheapside (August 1811).
13¾ x 9¾. Original colour with small margins. Some staining on the left of the print. 
A carbuncled bed ridden sailor who is clutching a bottle of ‘grog’ is faced with a doctor offering him medicines, bloodletting and no drink. 
Jack says, “Stop [my Grog - Bellay there Doctor - Shiver my timbers but your lingo bothers me - You may batter my Hull as long as you like, but I’ll be d—‘nd if ever you board me with your Glyster pipe.”
B. M. 11825

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